soccer ball  What is SoccerLogger?

The iPhone mobile application for iOS that revolutionizes how a soccer player’s data can be tracked, analysed and used to generate valuable reports that can benefit an individual player, the player’s coach and the parents who spend hours and hours on the road with these young players to justify their investment.

Check out SoccerLogger at

soccer ball  What does SoccerLogger do?

SoccerLogger helps to capture overall statistics about a soccer player during a game which then can be leveraged to analyse the data about the player with a specific objective.

This will help

  • Analyze the performance of an individual player
  • Facilitates the player to improve his stats in the periodic games.
  • Will give data points for the coaches to analyse how the players in a team are doing
  • Reports which will help coaches to analyse how the how the team is doing with other teams.

soccer ball  What are the stats that SoccerLogger can capture for a Game, Team or Players?

The stats that SoccerLogger can capture,track and analyze and generate reports for a Game, Team and Players are the following

  • Goals 
  • Penalty kicks
  • Corner Kicks
  • Free Kicks
  • Throws
  • Shots on Goals
  • Shots
  • Fouls
  • Red Card
  • Yellow Card
  • Playtime
  • Playing Position

soccer ball  What are the benefits of  SoccerLogger?

SoccerLogger has several benefits:

  • It can benefit an individual player, a coach or the whole team.
  • It can keep track of a player’s playing history through out his/her soccer career
  • Allows to carry a player’s data and the status from one soccer league to another without loosing any information
  • Allows to centrally manage the players or a team data
  • Allows to generate reports about a player, coach or a team at the same time allows to share and export data from a central location to submit to other leagues, schools or college admission offices
  • Allows in App  purchase and upgrade from a free version to the web version

soccer ball  How can you get access to SoccerLogger?

The SoccerLogger the mobile app for iPhones will be available soon on iTunes for download. The mobile app is free and can be used for tracking data for individual player. For tracking data for the whole team or more than one player, you will need to subscribe to the web version.

soccer ball  How to contact the SoccerLogger team?

Any questions feel free to reach us at


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