Soccer4Kids is a non-profit organization whose mission is to focus on helping kids of the world irrespective of their age, gender, culture and country that they belong to, that have the love and passion for soccer but do not have the means to make their dream come true.

I hep my daughter manage this non-profit organization.

Here are the frequently asked question around

Q1.When was Soccer4Kids launched?.

  • Soccer4Kids was launched in 2012 with a goal to change the world with one kick at a time.

Q2. How did Soccer4Kids get started?

  • Samiksha Alur who’s passion is Soccer since she was 5yrs old, wanted to share her passion with others. She always wanted to volunteer and make a difference, so she started this non-profit organization to help underprivileged kids and young adults pursue their passion for soccer.

Q3. Who is allowed to join Soccer4Kids movement?

  • Anyone who wants to help and promote  the cause of helping kids of the world “one kick as a time”!.

Q4. How can you support Soccer4Kids?.

  • Join forces with Soccer4Kids, become a volunteer or donate for the cause.

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