Product Management

Product Management is a combination of art and science that helps companies to build products that can to meet their customer requirements, address market needs so the products that these companies build can become market leaders. A good product manager helps to build this bridge internally and externally so that the companies and products are connected to the market and customers and vise versa.

Innovation is key to success of the products at the same time a good product strategy is what helps Products to be accepted by the market. Finding a good product manager who can take your company to the next level is always a challenge. Helping you find  Product Managers who are market leaders is what I do.

Here are the typical traits of a good Product Manager.

What makes a Product Manager Exceptional?

  • A talented results-oriented  leader with extensive experience in product  management combined with experience in software development practice.
  • Excellent at working collaboratively in a team environment with engineering, sales, account  management, marketing and customers or equally adept at delivering results as an individual contributor.
  • Always have a growth mindset so you can challenge yourself with new ideas so it favors innovation and helps to motivate all the stakeholders around you to build excellent products that market needs.

How to standout as a Product Manager?

  • Have a proven success by leveraging prior software development experience with hands-on approach to working with customers, users, developers and other stake holders to turn concepts and ideas into marketable real-world features and solutions
  • Adept at using pragmatic, agile product management methodologies to develop market requirements, product requirements, go-to-market strategy, competitive analysis, pricing strategy, product roadmap and product life cycle management..
  • Experience in managing product lines, justifying new product development investments, and product pricing.
  • Excel in engaging and managing key relationships with customers, partners and account teams.
  • Be a regular speaker at conference, trade shows and presenting through webinars evangelize products and technology. How to think as a Product Manager?

How to think like a Product Manager



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