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Evolution of Entrepreneurship

I recently came across a presentation from Bret Victor which was both educational and enlightening for me. Thought I will share this with you all and add in my 2 cents to see if all this make sense to the fabric of reality.

Current  Entrepreneur Trend

I am seeing a shift in the business world where Social entrepreneurship is picking up a lot of steam among both the old and the younger generations. Social entrepreneurship by definition means identifying or recognizing a social problem and using entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a social venture to achieve a desired social change. You can build a social entrepreneurship as a non-profit venture or as a for-profit venture but with a strong intention to create a   social change. The dynamics and sustainability of both these models do need cash flows and hence the business rules and functions remain the same.

One well-known  social entrepreneur that comes to mind is Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank a micro finance organization and community development bank which got started in Bangladesh to address a social problem that his country was facing and desperately needed attention. He got the idea of helping the people with the concept of micro loans which helped a lot of people in Bangladesh to stay out of poverty. Muhammad Yunus was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his work for his country. The concept of microfinance is now every popular in all developing countries and many local banks in these counties are now exploring it as a banking option as part of their business model.

Check out the top 5 trends Entrepreneurs will see in 2013:

Social Entrepreneurship will succeed since we are all connected…

unconsious mindAs per the theory of Quantum mechanics, which Albert Einstein in 1935 called it Quantum entanglement, two particles in different locations, even if they are on other sides of the universe, influences each other and stays in communication with each other since they are connected. Albert Einstein named it the “spooky action at a distance”.

Recently, I saw in the news that Christoph Simon and Boris Braverman from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published a paper which proposes a way in which the effect of quantum entanglement, this spooky action can be shown experimentally.

Since we all humans are spiritual biological beings who are embedded in matter and part of this universe, whose brain produces mind and consciousness, we are all connected. On the basis of Quantum entanglement we can say that every action from every  individual on this planet counts to make this world a better place and generate an unified field.

On this basis it makes more sense now that business and entrepreneurs are leaning towards Social entrepreneurship.

Time for us all to plant a seed in your subconscious mind and see where that journey will take us.



What I Wish I Knew When I was 20

Tina_SeeligMy weekend on Saturday started a bit unusual. Because of the cold weather outside, I did not have  great plans to do anything outdoors with my family during the day other than going out for dinner that night. Lack of plans made me think at my breakfast table  how I was going to spend my time that day. Just then I heard the door bell ring. When I checked at the door I saw a  packaged shipped to me from Amazon. I realized that the book I had placed an order on Amazon a day before was at my door step ( I am amazed at the quality of customer service that amazon offers to its customers. I am a prime customer and I do most of my shopping these days online through amazon because of the connivence and the choices around products that amazon provides!!. Amazon business model is a topic that can be covered in a blog another day! ). I opened the package and there was this book “What I Wish I Knew When I was 20“. I was happy that I could spend the day reading some new material.

What I Wish I Knew When I was 20” is a book written by Tina Seelig,  a neuroscientist from Stanford School of Medicine. She is the executive director of the Stanford Technology Ventures program and also teaches courses on entrepreneurship and innovation at the Stanford university. She wrote this book as  the 20th birthday gift to her son based on her experiences and her interactions she had with her students and with various entrepreneurs around the world. As Tina Seelig puts it this book is ” A Crash course on making your place in the world”.  The information in this book is amazing and has brought a new perspective to the way I will look at new ideas or problems that I come across in my day today life.  This book is filled with fascinating examples from classroom to the boardroom, of individuals defying expectations, defying assumptions and achieving amazing success.

I  wish I had read this book 20 yrs ago!!. I would have been a different person all together.

Though its not too late for me, I have decided to pass on the baton. I have handed over the book to my 14 yr old daughter Samiksha to read. I am quite sure this book will change the course of her life  and the outcome, who is already exploring the path to entrepreneurship through her non-profit that she recently started called Soccer4Kids.

I hope I am passing on a small gift of inspiration as a parent to my daughter!!.

Good Leadership matters…

MLK's " I Have a Dream" speech

MLK’s ” I Have a Dream” speech

As President Barack Obama sets off on his second-term journey with the big inaugural yesterday, Jan 21 2013, which also coincided with Martin Luther King Jr. day, watching MLK’s ” I Have a Dream” speech on this day provided a new meaning on how far this country has come since independence .

This also, made me wonder what Leadership is all about and the leaders we see in our lives today. What can we learn from these proven leaders!!.

What makes one a good Leader?

A Leader is the one who provides “hope” and “change” through his leadership.

Leadership as we know is a learned behavior and rarely is one born to lead.

Authentic leaders do not crave power. They have a set of morals and values, exemplary character, confidence, and trustworthiness.

A leader needs to be trusted and be known to live their life with honesty and integrity.

A good leader “walks the talk” and in doing so earns the right to have responsibility for others.

In order to lead and set direction, a leader  should inspire confidence in others and draw the trust and best efforts of the team to complete the task well.

A leader should work to inspire the team and its members to achieve the objectives so the whole team is successful in the long run.

Hence we need to understand that “Leaders are not born they are made“.

Macho Leadership is Overrated …

A current trend in the leadership philosophy that I see today is where leaders try to lead the way as bullies. These leaders lack goodwill, empathy nor sympathy. They are greedy for power and they have a personal agenda to be  the leaders.  It is their way or the highway!!.

It’s important to identify such macho leaders early on who try to operate through bullying and brute force to achieve their personal glory. This type of leadership  can cause more damage than good to any organization, team or a company.


Good Leadership matters because no one and nothing comes to success without it.

I came across an article of  Deepak Chopra “The Conscious Lifestyle: The Soul of Leadership” on the spiritual side of leadership.

In recent years the business world has become more competitive and more volatile. Technological changes are faster, there is greater international competition and the market is global.

So a good Leader is one if he can provide hope to the folks around him to the changes, through good leadership by providing a solid vision and a strategy that leads the way to facilitate better and greater innovations.

Hope you share similar thoughts on this topic!!.

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