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Enterprise Mobility Requirements

For couple of years now, mobile innovation has primarily focused all its resources and time on the consumer market.  In 2013 there are tremendous opportunities and market demand for innovative solutions and products that address the needs of a mobile strategy for enterprises.

In 2013, analysts have forecasted 1.2 billion smartphones and tablets will be sold worldwide, up from 821 million in 2012. With more and more enterprise  encouraging the idea of BYOD for their users, having a mobile strategy is not an option anymore. It is a necessity for all enterprises.

What is it to have a mobile strategy?

Most enterprises now have aligned a strategy to address their mobile user needs to meet their business goals through evolving technologies. Hence creating a compelling mobile experience for their users is now becoming a competitive necessity.

Here is the standard requirements that companies have adopted around a mobile strategy so far:

1. Mobile Apps to provide easy and secure access: 

Most companies have a mobile strategy starts with mobile app to accommodate the user driven IT world and provide easy access to content like the ability to connect to files and documents from smartphones and tablets as efficiently as they can from laptops and desktops.

The mobile apps could be a native apps to support and meet the needs of specific mobile devices, which are made downloadable through the app stores or they it could rich HTML5 based web apps. Refer to my earlier post for more on the benefits of HTML5 : Future of Web Applications as I see it.

Also, check out this article on HTML5 vs native app

2. Maintain control and security while providing a simple End-User experience

This would require the need to support a mobile device and access management solution to make sure they can enforce and control these mobile devices on who, how, where and what resources the users can access. Refer to my earlier post for more on Mobile Security – BYOD Trends and Needs

3. Support a Social-Business context through evolving technologies

Mobile users are using the mobile devices for their personal and their professional lives— whether they’re working remotely on mobile devices or at the home office.  This means that tools around collaboration, file sharing, workflow systems, WLAN capacity, network bandwidth and other network resources should allow users to fully engage both on business and social terms at the same time. This would require enterprises to support a flexible model to support their evolving business needs through technologies to provide better, faster and secure transactions without compromising the privacy of these mobile users.

So far go good…It will be interesting to watch how this strategy will evolve in the future?.

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