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Creativity and Innovation

Here is a new beginning to a new journey .

This is my first day at my personal blog. I always wanted to take time to setup a personal blog. Because of my hectic schedule I always was pushing it aside. Now I am making time to do this and I will be focusing more to write on topics that is close to my heart.

I always believe that passion is what drives ‘Creativity and Innovation’. Every problem in life or at work is an opportunity for a creative solution. The way you view any problem depends on your attitude. Passion is necessary, and drives you to pursue creative and innovative solution to the problem.

To be successful in what you do anywhere and any place, you need to find the right balance between your passion, your skills, and what the market wants. The right mix of all these ingredients will lead you to a successful life and career.

That is my goal for this blog, to write with passion and make sure this leads to creativity and innovation.

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