“Lean In” is the beginning. How about we also “Lean On” and “Lean Out” for one another.

Ever since Sheryl Sandberg’s book ‘Lean In’ came out, I see that women are excited with the message. Most of my friends bought the book and have read it already. They also have joined forces as members of the LeanIn.org and want to be active participants of this movement. I still have not read the book yet.  But, I  have been tuning in to all the TV and Radio interviews that Sheryl Sandberg has been on so far. It has been interesting to watch how the media has created a buzz around this book which is good for Sandberg’s cause. Sadly, I also see more push back and citicism for Sandberg’s Lean In is coming from other women who think that Sandberg is preaching a wrong message.  This made me ask myself – How about we women also ‘Lean on’ and ‘Lean out’ to support one another.

‘Lean In’ is just one side of the problem

Speaking from experience as a woman, a mother and a professional, I am glad Sheryl Sandberg is using her position and voice to generate awareness around the controversial topic at workplace differences between men and women. She is encouraging women to Lean In, be more ambitious and to demand and expect more for their contributions at the work place, as men do it.

As we all know Sheryl Sandberg is a Harvard-educated, who is now the chief operating officer of Facebook who previously was the Vice President at Google. She had longtime mentors like Larry Summers and other influential people along the way that  helped her to be where she is now in her career. Though she was a privileged along the way I appreciate that she took the courage  and passion to make  the fight for women’s rights at workplace her cause now.

But, I feel that Sheryl Sandberg has only scratched the tip of the iceberg and there is much more serious issues that we women need to address among ourselves even before we  deal with workplace inequalities.

Lean on’ and ‘Lean out’ to  others

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 7.18.58 PMIf we need to see real change in the betterment of women in all places and situations we need to learn to “Lean on” and “Lean out” for this cause. Right now women can be the biggest critics and road block for other women. We can be mean and intimidating to one another. But we women need to support one another, build a strong support network so we can let others who need our support to ‘Lean On’ us, whether it is at work or other places. Women in power can use their position to help, influence and bring change for other women who need that support by ‘Leaning Out’.

Only then we all can say we have the power and win this uphill battle for good.


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  1. I loved reading your blog, and I totally agree that women on the top should support and mentor other women. Your diagram justifies the condition.


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