“SoccerLogger” the next generation tool for all young soccer players

Having been a soccer mom for the last  10 years through which I have watched and cheered my daughter Samiksha play soccer from the side lines, my husband Deepak and I always wished we had a tool to capture and track her progress over the years she has grown and transformed into a competitive player.  Now that Samiksha is fourteen and a freshman in high school who has a big desire to play college soccer, we felt it would be nice to build a mobile app where we can track her progress for the next four years and then present that as part of her college resume.  Therefore, the idea of ‘SoccerLogger’ got a kick.soccer ball

Now, I am getting ready to launch this app soon on the iTunes App Store. We are starting first with an app for the iPhone, but have plans for a tablet version as well. I wanted to share this news so other young soccer players, their parents and coaches can use this app as a real-time game logger and generate comprehensive reports to analyze individual and team performance, during the game and after. SoccerLogger  revolutionizes how a soccer player and team data can be captured, tracked and analyzed using various reports to help improve the game for an individual player and the team. It also helps bring the collective forces of player, parent and coach together to create a fact based assessment solely aimed at understanding and improving overall team and individual performance.

For more on the app and its benefits check out SoccerLogger at http://www.soccerlogger.com and  also subscribe to our email list so we can notify you as soon as it is available in the app store.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 11.06.33 PM

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the app feel free to send me an email at ‘soccerlogger@gmail.com

You and I, can now keep track of  all our games!!.soccer ball

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  1. is this still available? looked for it at itunes and didn’t find it


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