What I Wish I Knew When I was 20

Tina_SeeligMy weekend on Saturday started a bit unusual. Because of the cold weather outside, I did not have  great plans to do anything outdoors with my family during the day other than going out for dinner that night. Lack of plans made me think at my breakfast table  how I was going to spend my time that day. Just then I heard the door bell ring. When I checked at the door I saw a  packaged shipped to me from Amazon. I realized that the book I had placed an order on Amazon a day before was at my door step ( I am amazed at the quality of customer service that amazon offers to its customers. I am a prime customer and I do most of my shopping these days online through amazon because of the connivence and the choices around products that amazon provides!!. Amazon business model is a topic that can be covered in a blog another day! ). I opened the package and there was this book “What I Wish I Knew When I was 20“. I was happy that I could spend the day reading some new material.

What I Wish I Knew When I was 20” is a book written by Tina Seelig,  a neuroscientist from Stanford School of Medicine. She is the executive director of the Stanford Technology Ventures program and also teaches courses on entrepreneurship and innovation at the Stanford university. She wrote this book as  the 20th birthday gift to her son based on her experiences and her interactions she had with her students and with various entrepreneurs around the world. As Tina Seelig puts it this book is ” A Crash course on making your place in the world”.  The information in this book is amazing and has brought a new perspective to the way I will look at new ideas or problems that I come across in my day today life.  This book is filled with fascinating examples from classroom to the boardroom, of individuals defying expectations, defying assumptions and achieving amazing success.

I  wish I had read this book 20 yrs ago!!. I would have been a different person all together.

Though its not too late for me, I have decided to pass on the baton. I have handed over the book to my 14 yr old daughter Samiksha to read. I am quite sure this book will change the course of her life  and the outcome, who is already exploring the path to entrepreneurship through her non-profit that she recently started called Soccer4Kids.

I hope I am passing on a small gift of inspiration as a parent to my daughter!!.


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