Technology product gaps for the mobile consumer market

The article in the recent HBR magazine on how How People Really Use Mobile opened up my mind to validate how I use my smart phone on a daily basis. This also made me to look into this topic further to see if I could connect the dots between the mobile consumer behavior and the technology product gaps that I specifically see that we need to pay attention to in the mobile space.

How are consumers using a Mobile Device:

Based on a industry research study called “Seven Shades of Mobile” conducted by InsightsNow for AOL and BBDO, the data show that 68% of consumers’ smartphone use happens at home. For a typical mobile user the common activity is not shopping or socializing but engaging in what researchers at BBDO and AOL are calling it the “me time.”.

Picture 1

 Also checkout some additional interesting facts and case studies about  brand messaging through mobile apps in this webinar  “Seven Shades of Mobile: The Hidden Motivations of Mobile Users

What are the Technology product gaps for the mobile consumer market?.

The mobile growth trend is here to stay. If you want to know how big the mobile market is, take a look at the stats here. Based on the “Me time” data from I mentioned above,  it is important that the technology vendors pay attention to the market needs in the following technology space so they can build value added solutions and products to address the market need of the mobile users.

1. App Development Tools

  • Mobile consumers will use mobile apps to purchase goods and  services, do banking and billing, to do in-store kiosk transactions, support mobile portals, apps for education and training, apps for games and entertainment. 
  • The app development tools should be simple and flexible so the apps are built once and can be used on multiple mobile devices to support portability and interoperability.

2. Security Tools

  • Mobile user’s identity and privacy will have to be safe guarded at all times. So the security tools/solutions should protect user’s identity information as well his data on the mobile device and during transactions over the network.

3. User Management and Metering Tools

  • Better management tools will help to encourage mobile users to get comfortable and help improve their confidence to do more business transactions on the device.
  • Metering Tools that will help users to track, analyse and monitor their data, transactions and quality of service over a period of time.

4. Advertising and Messaging Tools

  • Need better tools to engage and educate mobile users to the brands, value and benefits, accessibility of products and help with personalize data based on consumer’s usage trend and habits.

5. Data Management Tools

  • User data could be of several forms like  the identity data,  application data,  their search data, user’s contextual data, etc. This data will grow overtime and needs to be managed effectively so they are backed up and archived timely so no data is lost and can be will be used as a knowledge base for future use.

Time to innovate and be creative!


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