Future of Web Applications as I see it

If  enterprises have to stay current they have to invest and innovate to make sure that their web applications and user experience stays on top of their list when it comes to their web strategy. As cloud computing grows in 2013 and SasS becomes one of the main delivery models for the software enterprises, the Web will be the primary access model for the application users.

Enterprises will see an increases in demand for web resources. The web application development will also evolve at a faster pace with the advent of innovations like HTML5 to help support rich web applications . To keep the development and maintenance costs low and reduce the cost of ownership, there will be a greater need to make sure the web applications that the enterprises build are supported across multiple platforms, cross browsers (IE, Chrome,Safari, Mozilla) and cross devices (desktops & mobile).

What’s the magic bullet?. 


HTML5 is the future!.  Steve Jobs saw this coming in In April 2010 when he announced the demise of Flash and what the future is for HTML5 in his public letter titled “Thoughts on Flash”.


Why HTML5?.

Fast, Secure, Responsive, Interactive, Rich, Easy, Portable, Stunningly beautiful are the words that is used to describe the web application developed with HTML5.

HTML5 not only supports the core HTML components to help define an enterprise quality structure of the web application but also allows support for CSS3 to have a great visual presentation and support for JavaScript helps to control and manage the behavior of the application. Will all these capabilities in HTML5 developers can have a very rich web application framework to build on top. Since most browsers already support HTML5 is becoming the de fecto standard at a faster rate than expected.

Here is what some early adopters like Apple showcased in 2010 on what HTML5 can do http://mashable.com/2010/06/03/apple-html5-showcase/

Recently, I came across a demo put together by the Sencha’s team around the power of HTML5 captured in this video http://vimeo.com/55486684. This proves how native mobile application development will soon become the topic of the past  and the future of web applications is HTML5


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