Mobile Security – BYOD Trends and Needs

As more and more users are embracing the mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets into their daily lives, enterprises have started adopting the trend of allowing its users to bring their own devices (BYOD). Though BYOD allows more freedom for the employees enabling them to consolidate personal and business functions in one mobile device , it has opened new security risks for organizations. Hence all enterprises and organizations need to have a mobile security strategy around its users and the mobile devices that they use.

Security breaches on mobile devices that organizations should pay attention to?

  • Avoiding personal and corporate data getting commingled on the user’s mobile device
  • Making sure that if the mobile devices are lost or stolen there is a way to prevent the company data getting into the hands of hackers and thieves thereby avoiding misuse of the data.
  • Prevent Third-party programs or malware entering into the company network resulting in data incompatibility and integrity.
  • Unauthorized users getting their hands into confidential company network and data
  •  Avoiding data corruption and lower mobile device performance as a result of insufficient security enforcement on the device itself.

Organizations require several critical security components to make sure that BYOD are protected to address the above trends

  •  Adopt a mobile device management (MDM) solutions to enforce  user authentication, authorization and data protection around their device, the data and applications that they use. Most of the MDM solutions offer remote configuration and administration of the mobile devices and allows monitoring and enforcing policies that meet the organization’s IT policies.
  • Ensure safe accessibility to corporate networks with VPN security for these mobile devices. This will allow to safeguard the company networks at the same time will provide the users an optimized, secure path to corporate resources like the corporate intranet, email, network resources and other software applications.
  • Enforcement of a  high-level device encryption to safeguard data on the mobile devices. This will help to provides a high level of encryption of the data that is stored on the device or during transmission. The security goal is to prevent data getting into the wrong hands.

Today, enterprises around the world are struggling to manage a growing trend of their mobile workforce using multiple devices and the increased data consumption. As a result of this fast growing trend mobile security investment is expected to climb 44% each year through 2015. We can all expect more innovation to happen on the solution side as well.


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